A poem by one of our weekly readers, inspired by ‘Beautiful Poetry’

Only a special few have been permitted to peek into her privacy,

To glimpse the nest of her hibernation from all things winter.

Hiding to escape the gloom, trying to lift her despondency,

She fills her spaces with candles and white roses,

Aching to ease the darkness.

She sets her mind to focus on daily blessings and joys,

Nourished by the stillness and hope of what lies dormant

Yet winter’s grasp is strong.

On this very evening of seasonal change, he tiptoed in with his smile

To fleetingly share her hiding place and flood it with light.

Only one glimpse yet total understanding.

Arms wrapped tightly around her

Giving the warmth and comfort of homecoming.

She breathes in life and truth;

That joy eclipses darkness and hope emits energy.

A new perception that even the darkest of valleys hold promise,

Comfort and gifts new strength.

You my spring equinox of blessings and harbinger of light.