Write a poem about something beautiful

Photo by John Nail on Pexels.com
I vow to thee, my Country

The curve of her neck


Upwards towards the breeze.

Green like the sea

And soft like water,

Her hair rustles

As she sings her song.

I vow to thee, my Country

Brittle fingers,

Tawny like owls,

Poke the chill air and

Part heavy mists.

She’s searching.

For her audience:

An audience of one.

I vow to thee, my Country

Her flat chest,

Patched with mosses and russets,

Quilts her figure

In a blanket of


To the world she is an island.

To me she is home.

And there's another country I've heard of long ago

Her name was Britannia.

And she, was beautiful.

King Arthur protected her,

Guinevere loved her,

Lancelot died for her.

She was worth dying for;

She was their home –

This mythical place of dragons and griffins,

Mermaids and unicorns.


Then found again,

By my Country

And her beautiful song.

Britannia: her audience of one.


Step one:

  1. Think of something you find beautiful (this does not have to be something that is traditionally ‘beautiful’)
  2. Write a poem about it

Step two:

  1. Locate your beautiful thing
  2. Go to your beautiful thing
  3. Breathe it in
  4. Find it within yourself (this is the easy bit)
  5. Remember to breathe out (this is the hard bit)

Step three:

  1. What happens next is up to you
  2. (Make it happy)