10 Downing Street

13th December 2019

Dear Mr Johnson,

As a 17 year old, I was not able to vote for my future on December 12th. But on May 2nd, 2024 (or perhaps earlier) I will be voting, alongside Britain’s future leaders, for my future.

Three-quarters of 18-29 year olds voted remain in the 2016 referendum, favouring cultural diversity and relaxed immigration laws over a hard Brexit. 60% of young people voted Labour in the 2017 election; 54% stuck with Corbyn in the recent election.

Young people, predominantly students, young women and youths from ethnic minorities, reject the Conservative mantra: ‘Get Brexit Done. Unleash Britain’s Potential.’ and strongly oppose Conservative cuts in public spending on younger generations.

As a result, recent support from 18-24 year olds for the Liberal-Democrats has doubled, the Green Party’s manifesto has been idealised in youth circles and labour has come out on top as the next generation’s party of choice.

However, the votes are in: Britain has a Conservative government with you at its head and heart.

You have the first 4 years of a potentially pivotal decade to prove to the majority of under-29s that the Conservative party will deliver not only a “brighter future for Britain,” but a brighter future for all British people – that is, if you want your party to last until/be re-elected in 2024.

Much of your manifesto, my generation agree with. Your priorities: the NHS, schools and crime, are our priorities too:

We understand the vitality of keeping the NHS alive.

Our particular focus is on supporting student doctors, nurses and midwives. Reinstating NHS bursaries should be a priority. Nursing and midwifery course applications have fallen 31% since bursaries were abolished.

School funding.

Many students (even those at private schools) support labour’s policy to phase out private education, or at least to drastically increase funding for state schools in order to move towards a future of equal education standards across Britain.

It’s nearly 2020. Britain needs equality.

A future of equality no matter your gender, sexuality, race, disability, age or religion is a future young British people need their government to strive for. Key to achieving equality is supporting and providing for migrants and refugees.

We want to feel safe on our streets.

Our generation supports Conservative promises to expand the police force, invest in prisons and most importantly, combat extremism. Terrorist attacks, notably the Manchester bombings of 2017 and the London Bridge stabbings, have shocked the nation.

People no longer feel safe in their own country.

But, we need specifics:

  • How will you tackle radical (often online) extremist grooming of British youths?
  • How will you effectively punish and reform criminals?
  • Will more police equipped with more tasers only make the streets more frightening places?

Where is the ENVIRONMENT in your manifesto?

  • The Green Party is named after it.
  • Tackling the ‘climate emergency’ lies at the centre of the Lib-Dems’ policies.
  • Even Labour have an extensive ‘green industrial revolution’ plan.

Yes, your Conservative government was the first to declare a climate emergency.

But sometimes actions say more than words.

The Tories must pioneer sustainable development and renewable resource usage, whilst mitigating and adapting to the possible effects of an unstable future.

This is what your manifesto is missing. This is what will get young voters firmly on your side.

We need:

  1. Net Zero Carbon – earlier than 2050 (labour promised 2030)
  2. A Circular Economy – reusing, repurposing, remanufacturing or recycling materials after using them to their full capacity
  3. An action plan detailing how we can help you stop global temperatures rising 1.5 degrees Celsius

Or else, the Conservatives will be responsible for entering Britain into an irreversible climate crisis…

Gen Z will support you, but only if you prove our support will not be for nothing.

Yours sincerely,

The Future