Questing answers

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“What is peace?

I would not know.

Bombs announced my delivery whilst

Artillery applauded.

I was born into a


What is safety?

I have never felt it.

Except for family,

Family felt safe.

But they were not:

The terror made sure of that.

What is concern?

People never show it.

We are all pawns in a game;

A game of chess for you,

A game of twisted religion to them,

A game of survival for us.

What is care?

I don’t feel it here

In this strange country

With these strange people.

To them I’m a burden, not a human.

I ‘steal jobs and money.’

What are rights?

Do I have them?

Am I entitled to them?

Where can I find them?

Who will translate them?

Who will enforce them?


In my sheltered experience, I can only muse what it feels like to grow up at war, cross borders, traverse lands, start a new life: fight for survival.

But I can answer questions.

We all can. We can answer them by ensuring a peaceful arrival, building a safe community, showing concern for others, caring for them as our kin and, most importantly, enforcing and protecting their rights.

We are all human; we all have rights. Enforce them: