What makes you feel human?

Photo by Andre Furtado on Pexels.com

Cycling through the pouring rain: drenched but happy.

Walking back from the gym, listening to music.

Properly talking to friend who I love.

Slipping in the mud on a long walk.

Shouting encouragement at my teammates whilst playing sport.

Running up a big hill or down a long track, sweating and panting.

Jumping off a high rock into the freezing ocean.

Watching the sun rise.

Watching the sun set.

Closing my eyes in the direction of the wind, speeding on a speedboat.

Seeing poverty and suffering; feeling that pain in my heart.


A real hug.


Connecting with someone I’ve never connected with before.

The family all being together.


That’s what makes me feel human: reminds me that I am human.

I’ve tried to decipher why these things all make me feel this way, tried to find something similar that links them all. But the truth is, I can’t. Some carry with them a rush of exhilaration; some make me feel content and happy or safe; some are tough and tiring, whilst some are relaxing; some are painful. Most are inexplicable.

The only connection I could make is that they all make me feel something. And that realisation brought me to my conclusion.

What is it to be human? For me, it is having the ability to feel emotion; to experience life at its fullest and know it.

After all, without feeling, what are we? Who are we?


So, if you’re ever lost, empty, sad, desperate, incomplete, confused, hollow, insecure or even just bored, try listing what makes you feel human. Because knowing what makes you feel human will remind you that you are alive, and knowing that you are alive will remind you that life is not just worth living, but worth living to the fullest.

Do more of what makes you feel human.