The truth about the truth

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You’re suspended in space.

Time warps.


You can’t see a thing.

You can’t speak

And even if you could,

Nobody would hear you.

There’s no sound in space.

There’s fear 

In your heart;

Fear of the unknown.


a light appears –

A bright light:

Brighter than the sharpest mind.

Heart surging

As you float nearer and nearer,

It gets hotter and hotter.

But you continue;

The light dazzles you.

Until it’s too late;

Until you’re too close.



Ravaged, exhausted,


You wake up on the island

And walk for days that seem like months,

Years that feel like eternity.

The sun beats you,

Whilst humidity suffocates you.

Sand blisters your souls;

Sucks the life from you.

Emptiness surrounds you,

Envelops you,

Becomes you.

Then a wadi

Stumbles upon you

And you drink until you are reborn,

Before eating your way back to humanity.



You’re cocooned 

Inside an egg.

Squashed and squeezed you wriggle;

No bigger than a pinhead.

Breaking free you gobble up your cage.

It gives you strength.

Strength to grow

And build.

You’re cocooned

(And bigger now).

Wrapped in nature’s shawl

You sleep;

Still as solitude,

Counting the days…

You’re cocooned

In yourself;

Your true form.

Chameleon wings

Grow to full size, and then you


You are yourself,

Only different.



That’s the truth about the truth.

It burns, fills and changes you. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it relives. But it always makes you, shapes you, moulds you into yourself: who you could be, will be, are.

We seek truth; that’s how we are programmed. It can be hard. It could break you. It will change you, but only into the true you.

Because what are we without truth? Lonely. Empty. Incomplete. The truth fills voids and satisfies appetites; it’s the final piece of the puzzle that is YOU.

So tell the truth. You know who you are.