What is our purpose?

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One of life’s ultimate questions…                    

…answered in less than 500 words!


So, what is our purpose?

The rich man would say to get richer,

The poor one, to survive.

One Christian may say, “to worship God!”

Another may pursue salvation by works,

Whilst the atheist would denounce both.

Communists criticise Capitalists

And Capitalists criticise Communists.

Socialists sit on the fence.

Children play,

Leaving adults to pay the bills.

Judges seek justice

Whilst criminals break justice.

Mothers bring up children

And fathers do the same.

Activists campaign for rights,

Or restrictions.

Nihilists would say none of it matters because life is meaningless and

We all die in the end anyway.


After grappling with the idea of purpose for a time, I think I’ve settled on mine.


“Happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.” – Roy Goodman

One of my favourite quotes, but I would agree to disagree.

Happiness is my way of travel and my destination.

It’s my starting block, track and finish line, and always has been (I just hadn’t pinned it down yet).

I know, we can’t always be happy. We are human. We cry and scream and hurt, and that is OK. We are flawed and imperfect, but that is why life is worth living.

What is life without mistakes? Without consequences? Without growth? Without change?

Perfect. Life would be perfect.

But perfection does not leave room for purpose. And purpose is what guides us, motivates us, carries us: makes us unique. Makes us human.

Whatever you decide your purpose to be –  even if it is multiple things – even if you never pin a single thing or things down – know that that is enough. Know that you are enough.

Trust yourself to guide yourself, and do what makes you happy. Seek happiness as your way of travel or your destination, or both. But never as just a starting point.

Purpose will come in time.

Or perhaps, like me, happiness will be your purpose.


Money can’t buy the rich man happiness,

And there’s more to life than survival.

What if God doesn’t exist?

Or heaven isn’t all its hyped up to be?

The atheist doesn’t achieve anything either way.

There has never been a communist country;

People are too greedy.

The fence only divides.

Childhood can’t last forever

(And everyone knows adulthood and bills are synonymous).

Justice comes at a price

Whilst criminals live a fractured life.

Children grow up

And seek a purpose of their own.

Campaigns are like long, windy, bumpy roads;

Often with no end in sight.

It’s true: we all die,

But only after living.