The climate can change, but can we?

Photo by Markus Spiske on

I saw a picture the other day. You may have seen it too.

It was a photograph of the aftermath of the September 20thclimate change gathering in Hyde Park, London.

And it shocked me.

The park was engulfed by a sea of blue and white: plastic bottles lay strewn across the grass; black bins overflowed with waste; numerous plastic bags flapped in the wind. 

Ironic, right. That people are actively protesting about the lack of government effort to reduce climate change, however, they can’t be bothered to put the effort in themselves? 

It’s OK for me to say that. I wasn’t THERE! I didn’t make the MESS! Use the PLASTIC! Leave my RUBBISH!

But I do sometimes forget to turn the lights off. And print an ungodly amount. We don’t have a food waste. We own a diesel car. Oh, and I eat a lot of beef and rice.

What I’m trying to get at is that we are ALL responsible for climate change. Our planet is dying because of US. WE are killing our home. Our irreplaceable earth.

We have 12 years (12 years!!) until human activities render global warming irreversible.

That is, if we don’t change.

But can we change?

Since the industrial revolutions, we have cut down trees, burned coal, farmed land, built cities, driven cars, made plastics, drilled for oil, switched on lights, had baths…like nobody was watching and nothing was caring.

But someone was. And their name was Earth.

Whilst we hack and scorch, till and build, speed and manufacture, Earth cries.

Her iceberg tears crash to oceans, her wooden limbs thunder to ground whilst she roars with agony, her ozone heart tears and rips and her coral hair is cut at the roots. All whilst we march: plastic bottles in hand, paper signs held high.




I’d like to think we can. Please tell me we can?