Do you believe in aliens?

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I do.

Personally, I think it is self-centred to believe that we are the only living organisms in a constantly expanding universe that encompasses more stars than there are grains of sand on earth.

Mind-blowing, right? That the universe is so immensely gigantic yet we can comprehend so little of it. But that idea needs a whole blog post of its own…

Back to the aliens.

If you share my view and agree that there must be another planet (out of the 1, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 planets that the Institute of Astronomy estimate currently exist in the observable universe) with the correct conditions to sustain sentient life, this only begs more questions. What kind of life? Could we one day communicate with these lifeforms? If you are religious: did my God also create of these extra-terrestrial beings?

As of yet, neither scientists nor space fanatics are anywhere near to proving aliens exist. Therefore, logical reasoning and/or speculation are our only options to answering these burning questions:

What kind of life?

Blockbuster films such as ‘ET’ and ‘Alien’ have presented many different forms of ‘life’ but it is near impossible to fathom how ‘aliens’ may actually survive, look, communicate and interact.

Consider the vast variation of species earth sustains. Over 1.3 million known species plus a further 7.4 million unidentified species of archaea (primitive bacteria), bacteria and eukaryotes (such as fungi, plants and animals) constitute a whopping 8.7 million different species living on one single planet.

The stark contrast in outward appearance, behaviour and internal structures of a Venus Fly Trap and a Koala for example, is extreme and makes it even more probable that an ‘alien’ form may be wildly different to anything the human brain can ever imagine.

Using logical reasoning inspired by theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, I would suggest an ‘alien’ may have the following physical appearance and biology (this of course would vary according to the conditions and characteristics of the host planet):

  • Sensory connection e.g. eyeballs to track distance, hunt and defend itself
  • Grasping appendage for movement, security and feeding
  • Communication (doesn’t necessarily have to be through language).

You may have noticed that these three things all apply to human life as well.

As carbon is the 4th most abundant element in the universe and makes up the building blocks of life, it is likely that an ‘alien’ form may also be composed mainly of carbon. Is it possible therefore that extra-terrestrial life may have evolved more similarly to life on earth than we think…

But I am intrigued to hear your thoughts. Do you believe in extra-terrestrial life forms? And if so, what do you think an ‘alien’ may be like?

Could we one day communicate with these lifeforms?

I hope so.

Although I don’t think this would happen for hundreds perhaps thousands, of years (if humans last that long).

Technology is developing at an unbelievably fast rate considering electricity was a fantasy until the early 1800s. The current emergence of AI has proven yet again the supreme intelligence of the human mind and gives scientists confidence that one day they will be able to develop sufficient technology, whether that is in the form of radios, satellites or even rockets, in order to communicate with outer-worldly life.

However, even if humans were to be able to develop this technology, there is no saying the ‘aliens’ would have the intellect or desire to communicate with us.

On the other hand, they may be infinitely more intelligent than us so we would be incredibly out of our depth when it came to understanding them.

Or maybe all those space-horror films were right… Perhaps aliens are evil beings hell-bent on revenge or fuelled by greed. Could it be possible that alien villains such as the Sand People and the Hutts from the Star Wars franchise are echoes of the evil beings we may share our universe with?

Optimistically however, we could unwittingly coexist alongside amiable races similar to Wookiees and Yodas instead.

Nevertheless, despite the range of possibilities a large part of me yearns to one day be able to communicate with lifeforms from another planet, if nothing else to prove that we are not alone in our world of stars.

Am I too romantic? Or do you too have these desires? Let me know.

If you are religious, did my God also create this extra-terrestrial life?

Or even if you are not, it can be considered.

*brace for questions*

If he/she really is omnipotent (all powerful) and omniscient (all-knowing), surely ‘God’, whether that is the Christian, Islamic, Hindu etc. God(s), created these ‘aliens’ too?

What would the consequences of this be? Would there be any? Is earth (and humans in particular) therefore less special as ‘God’ has divided His time and power into potentially endless parts to create and sustain life on other planets? Are there multiple different gods in control of a planet each or is one god omnipotent enough to manage them all? FOR WHAT PURPOSE has god created all these separate colonies of lifeforms? WHY has he not allowed them to interact?

It would be easier to simply say that a god did not create aliens. Or even more simply, that he/she does not exist at all…

But what are your views? I’m eager to hear them!


Of course these are only three of hundreds of unanswered questions concerning aliens and their existence.

There is also the possibility that I am completely wrong and aliens are just the fantasy of novels and movies after all. If you take this view, I would be intrigued to hear your reasoning as this post has assumed the existence of aliens.

Whatever your stance on the matter, I would love to hear your point of view as I am by no means an expert on the subject.

So, let’s get talking!

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