An introduction to let’sgettalking

If you are here for some light reading, I suggest you look elsewhere as this may not be the place for you. If, however, you are looking to be thought provoked, challenged and hopefully even inspired, keep on reading…

My vision for this blog is to create a place where we can talk freely about topics and issues that interest or provoke us. I want let’sgettalking to be a positive place where people of all ages and stages can share their insights in a way that will get others thinking and inspire new thoughts and opinions throughout our community. Feel free to suggest any ideas of issues you would like me to address in the comments. I will try my best to make any claims on my blog well-researched, accurate and informative.

Whether or not this blog will be ‘successful’ in the commercial view of the word does not bother me. Personally, I do not view ‘success’ as having the most followers or views. I measure success on how fulfilled I am so by simply putting my views out there I will feel fulfilled and therefore successful. If even one person reads one of my posts and is inspired to get thinking because of it (maybe even enough to leave a comment), I would be more than happy. It would be a dream to converse with my readers through this platform and broaden my own mind as well as yours.

Ultimately, this is what let’sgettalking is all about; sharing personal views in the comments, discussing ideas with family, friends and colleagues, debating issues publically or privately (or with yourself in the shower…). I believe speech is an immensely powerful gift and, here on my blog, we can exercise our human right to freedom of speech but, and I must insist, with an open mind to the views of others. I am determined let’sgettalking will not be a negative place and that all views readers may choose to express should be treated with equal respect.

By utilising the human powers of intellect and self-awareness we can learn, understand and reason in order to plan, make decisions and solve problems. Our complex evolution has enabled us as humans to break from nature and explore our incomprehensible existence that not even we can fathom. Crucially, words have been the vectors that allow us to connect our thoughts in an orderly and concise way. Vitally though, it is the immense power of speech that allows us to express these thoughts and opinions. By harnessing the power of speech, bills have been overturned and rights have been campaigned for, leading our world to have changed so drastically throughout time.

Wordy –  I know. A lot to swallow – perhaps. Too much to consider in one blog post – absolutely. But we have time: weeks, months, years (I hope) and I have you, my readers to guide, support and most importantly, inspire me.

I will be posting once a week every Monday and would love as many of you as possible (if any) to join me on my journey of discovery and enlightenment but fundamentally, discussion. Feel free to comment and I will do my best to reply but if you are more of a thinker than a commenter, that is fine too. Maybe one day your thoughts will burn a hole in your brain so big, commenting will be your only option…

So, let’s get talking!